Broiler Production in Nigeria

Backyard Chicken Rearing

Its been so much on my mind to share what I call the triple stand for broiler production in Nigeria, asloi believe that at the end of this post i would have answer three(3) questions that comes my way almost every day.

  1. How do i raise my broiler
  2. How is broiler chicken produced
  3. How do I succeed in broiler production.

Obviously every business man desires growth and the poultry farmer is not an exemption, we dream and desire growth every time.Three factors must be given due consideration, they eventually determine the success of our broiler business.

1) Market

2) Available Space and Man Power

3) Available Cash

Give good consideration to my order of arrangement, this is also the order of priority.

1) Market — This refers strongly to where and who we are selling to

At what rate are you giving your product- your energy and investment?

This questions must be properly addressed to actually determine that your investment will bring in profit and not a loss.

I will do my best to quickly outline some tips that we must consider in marketing our products

  1. Feed your bird well
  2. Do your best bye pass middle men
  3. Engage marketers and not middle men
  4. Get Hotels and restaurants on your customer base.
  5. try home delivery services depending on your location
  6. Use Attractive packaging .

Available Space and manpower: let us take a brief on the issue of spacing first, adequate space for growth is very key especially in broiler business, an environment with free flow of natural and reduced heat can not be compromised to achieve good result.

Manpower, is another key factor, this contributes a lot to the neatness of your environment, likewise it helps in achieving high bio-security.

Along side the issue of manpower is staff training,

Cash : Hmmmmm, cash!!, I have seen so many fail in this regard, even myself I have been a victim on several occasion. You have cash to properly manage 200 birds and you are stocking 300 or say 500, this will at the end of the day result in malnutrition and reduced growth rate.

There are various sources of funds ranging from loans, grants, supplier funding to even pool funding, this I will expantiate on in subsequent post.
Let us rap this in an old wise saying, ” cut your coat according to your size”.

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