Poultry Record


Record Keeping in poultry farming is an essential activity.

No matter the quantity of chicken you decides to keep, it is essential you keep good record.

Apart from being a tool for efficient and productive decision, it is an essential tool in helping to identify potential problems within the flock.
Poultry records are always direct pointers to the following.

  1. Types of flock
  2. Feed costs.
  3. Illness.
  4. Drugs used

Record keeping does not have to be complicated or time consuming, it is all about finding a system that is convenient for you.
Essential record in the farm must include the following.

  1. Rearing record
  2. Egg Collection Record.
  3. Cash Record.
  4. Stock Record

Rearing Record

This record is meant to show the history of the flock right from day old to maturity. In broilers, it could include the period of sales.
Essential columns in this record includes, age in weeks, date, opening balance, no of mortality, no cull, weight, feed consumed, medication etc

Attached is an example that you can download here.

Egg Collection Record.

Keeping a good record of daily egg collection gives a light into the performance of the bird. It tells you if the birds are doing well, or not.
Attached is a sample that you can use,

kindly click here to download

Cash Record.

Cash Record or simply put cash book, is a financial journal that contains all cash receipts and payments, including bank deposits and withdrawals.
There are three types of cash book, simple cash book, 2 column cash book and the petty cash book. But here we are not interested in the technicalities, rather simple way we can reflect our day to day cash flow.

Click here to download a copy

Stock Record

Lastly, let me talk about store keeping. A store is actually the place where we keep all our essential tools, ranging from feed, drugs to vaccines.
A proper record reflecting the balance of each item is necessary, some store keepers use bin cards for each item while others prefer the use of registers, for me it is all about convenience.

See attached here a sample for download

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