The Brooding Room


Before the arrival of the day old chick, It is of great importance that we put the brooding room in place.

Brooding Room
The Brooding Room

The brooding room is a warm and dry room, it should be an enclosed room with smooth walls, a dry floor covered with bedding and having a constant heat source.

My brooding room is actual where I call my power house, the efficiency of which goes a long way to determine the success of our flock, the following are essentials that must be put in place in the brooding room.

  1. Brooding Box or Room
  2. Proper disinfecting of the brooding room
  3. Adequate chick feeder and chick drinkers
  4. Constant heat source
  5. Dry Bedding

Brooding Box or Room

In absence of an enclosed room, a brooding room can always be constructed depending on the number of birds expected.

I advice a spacing of not less than 2 square feet per bird and a height high enough to accommodate lightening and heating equipment.

Disinfect Brooding Room

Good bio security, starts from a neat and clean environment, work equipment and

This is an essential activity that must be carried out before the arrival of the chicks, proper cleaning and disinfecting the brooding area will keep the space area from disease, there by ensuring quick and smooth growth.

Adequate Feeders and Drinkers

Chick feeders and chick drinkers should be adequately provided in the brooding room, there are day old chick feeders that will prohibit the chicks from pooping in the feeders

We advice that the feeders be placed in a ratio of 1 feeder and drinker to 25 chicks this will ensure that each chick has easy and quick access to both food and water

Heat Source

Two factors are key in determining the average temperature of the brooding room. This are the average temperature of the day and likewise the heat dissipated from the heating equipment.

There are different types of heating equipment, ranging from the popular abatcha stove, the kerosene stove to the electric home heater

It is good to note that the temperature on the floor of the brooding room is different from the room temperature, and the floor temperature is the actual temperature of the birds.

Dry Bedding

Before the arrival of the day old chick, its very important we make dry litter readily available, for the first few days of their life we use newspaper for bedding after which we can change it to rice bran, maize shaft or even wood shavings depending on material that is readily available in your environment

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